Engineering networks

Engineering networks

For the installation or renovation of outdoor water supply, sewage and storm water drainage networks, we offer fully integrated services, going from A to Z. Over more than two decades in operation, we have developed infrastructure in a number of cities and towns, including water supply and sewage systems in Kaunas, Vilnius, Alytus, Radviliškis, Pagėgiai, Kalvarija, and Kazlų Rūda. We have participated in the construction of structures such as the Būtingė oil terminal, the southern bypass in Vilnius and the transport corridor that connects Žirnių g. and Vilnius International Airport.


Installation of engineering network pipelines
The installation of piping systems for external engineering networks is done both traditionally (with open wiring), as well as using trenchless engineering network construction technologies. Pipelines are installed with modern trenchless equipment: horizontal directional drilling equipment and special precision drill-pushers. This equipment allows us to perform the work without destroying roads and green areas, minimizing environmental damage and almost entirely without disrupting the normal daily activities of the population. 
Open pipeline installation:
Trenchless construction of engineering networks:
  • directional drilling

  • micro-tunnelling

Pipe rehabilitation

Pipe rehabilitation methods:

  •  close to fit method

  • pipe relining method

  • pipe bursting method

  •  reduction method