Residential construction

Renovation of residential buildings

Building renovations can significantly reduce the heating bills for occupants, improve their quality of life, and increase the property’s value. UAB Inti’s specialists provide complex housing modernisations, such as the installation of insulation for walls and roofs, window replacement, heating system upgrades and numerous other improvements. We work quickly and efficiently, offering optimal solutions and using the best materials.
One key thermal energy saving measure is properly insulating building walls. For the exterior of apartment blocks and single-family houses, UAB Inti uses ventilated façade technology, i.e. we cover the façade with special decorative panels (fibre cement, HPL, aluminium composite panels, ceramic tiles, etc.), affixing them on specific points on the building’s surface. Though the main purpose of these boards is aesthetic, they also protect the thermal insulation material from mechanical damage, adverse environmental factors (sun, wind, rain), create additional sound insulation and ensure thermal energy efficiency.
Buildings covered with a ventilated façade are cooler in the summer. During the hottest time of year, the air gap between the outer panels and the insulation provides natural ventilation, while the finish protects from direct sunlight, ensuring the house’s walls are always in the shade.
The main purpose of the ventilated façade system is to prevent the penetration of moisture into the insulation material and other wall construction elements. Thanks to natural ventilation, which consists of air moving between the facing layer and the thermal insulation materials, walls are better ventilated and dry rapidly after the rain, meaning that moisture evaporates quicker from the thermal insulation material.
Ventilated façades can be installed throughout the year. Unlike plaster façades, they have no requirements for weather conditions during installation.