About us

That's how we live

We are patriots of our city

We actively participate in the life of the city, sponsoring celebrations, local sports groups, and contributing to the rich free time activities of our community. For several years in succession we have been contributing to the creation of the festive mood in Kaunas. 


We help preserve local history

A memorial bench was unveiled and blessed in the square of Šlienava primary school. It has the names of nine volunteers of this nation, bearers of the Vytis Cross, carved on it: Vincas Vekeris, Jurgis Kalašinskas, Liudas Kaufmanas, Pranas Palionis, Jonas Prakevičius, Jurgis Rakauskas, Antanas Randis, Kazys Stanevičius and Juozas Šimukonis. We are happy to have been given an opportunity to help commemorate the freedom fighters of 1919-1920.


Modern management techniques to increase productivity

In January 2015, UAB Inžineriniai tinklai completed a project to implement modern management techniques in order to increase the company`s sales and LABOUR productivity. The project was carried out under the "LT Process” implementation facility of the 2nd priority, the “promotion of entrepreneurship and improvement of business environments”, of the economic growth action programme. The project was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The company has implemented a specialized, advanced, internationally recognized business management methodology based on the TOC and LEAN systems, and standardized and optimized business processes. The benefits of increased productivity and operational efficiency will be evident to the company`s employees and customers.


Support from the European Regional Development Fund

In October of 2014, UAB Inžineriniai tinklai together with the Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology launched a project to develop electronic management systems for construction projects, funded by the Inočekiai LT implementation facility under the 1st priority, “research and technological development for the growth of economic efficiency and economy”, of the Economic Development Programme. During the project, a flexible information system for the supervision and implementation of civil engineering projects was created. It was implemented in February 2015.