About us

What we offer

The core activities of UAB Inti include the construction and renovation of industrial, social and environmentally friendly buildings. Company specialists perform a variety of high quality general and special construction operations and provide design and project management services. Depending on customers' needs, we can also perform minor construction work and implement complex, innovative solutions for intricate projects.

General construction works
  • concreting,

  • building construction installation,

  • earth excavation, landscaping of the construction site, fencing and other work



Special construction works:
  • installation of water supply and sewage networks

  • installation of heat supply networks

  • trenchless installation of engineering networks

  • installation of engineering systems of the buildings 

Design, management of construction projects and consulting:
  • project management and technical supervision of construction works
  • technical assistance in applying for investment projects
  • development of documents for construction tenders as per FIDIC requirements
  • assessment of water supply and sewage network
  • designing works of outdoor and indoor plumbing, sewage networks, sewage pumping stations