About us

Why us?

UAB Inti employs responsible specialists with considerable experience in various construction fields. Work is coordinated by highly qualified, certified project and construction managers. The company has a professional team that performs challenging and difficult tasks, and finds innovative and creative solutions to ensure maximum benefits for the customer. We use both traditional and innovative construction technologies and materials, in close cooperation with customers, subcontractors and suppliers of materials, sharing knowledge and experience. Timely construction is ensured by efficient organization and our fleet of modern transport and construction machinery. In order to uphold our name as a reliable and professional company, we pay special attention to quality controls, the safety and health of employees, and environmental protection.

UAB Inti holds the following certifications:
- Certification Centre of Building Products, certificate no. 1020, first issued on 4 March 1999, entitling the company to be the construction contractor for exceptionally significant construction works:
  • construction categories: exceptionally significant construction projects;
  • construction types and uses: residential and non-residential buildings; communications: roads (streets), railway tracks, airport structures; engineering utility networks: water supply, heat supply, sewage disposal, electricity (up to 110 kV voltage), electronic communications infrastructure, other engineering networks; hydraulic engineering construction works; engineering and utility networks; construction works for cultural heritage.
  • construction areas: general construction operations; water supply and sewage network construction; laying of heat supply networks; installation of building water supply and waste removal engineering systems; installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineering systems in construction sites; installation of gas engineering systems and electrical engineering systems for construction works; installation of process control and automation systems; installation of engineering systems for static remote communications (telecommunications); installation of protective alarms and fire safety engineering systems (fire alarms).
- Certificate no. E-2088 issued on 31 July 2015 by the State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, entitles the company to operate the following electrical equipment:
  • year of construction of electric networks up to 400 kV voltage.
UAB Inti is a member of the Lithuanian Builders Association (LSA), the Lithuanian Water Suppliers Association (LVTA) and the Kaunas Region Industrialists and Employers Association.
The company is included in the list of approved suppliers at the Public Procurement Office and the potential suppliers list of NATO tenders. We have the right to work with the information marked as classified, and we hold the RL Arms Foundation license, allowing us to carry out blasting operations.

Quality policy and management system
All work is of the highest-quality, in strict compliance with environmental and safety requirements. Back in 2004, the company implemented the ISO 9001:2008 (LST ISO 9001: 2008) quality management system and the ISO 14001:2004 (LST EN ISO 14001:2005) environmental management system. In 2007, the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (LST 1977:2008) occupational safety and health management system was launched. At the beginning of 2016, the company implemented a system of information security management in compliance with ISO /IEC 27001 requirements.These systems are constantly updated, audited and successfully applied.


Objectives and principles of the quality policy:

  • give priority to quality in all of the company`s activities,
  • forge an ongoing relationship with customers and suppliers to improve the quality of services,
  • fulfil orders in a prompt, timely manner,
  • implement progressive technologies,
  • continuously develop the skills and abilities of all staff,
  • eliminate the dependency on inspections for quality,
  • efficiently operate a quality management system conforming to the ISO 9001 standard.

Objectives and principles of the environmental policy:

  • maintain and continually improve the company`s environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001 international standard,
  • apply preventative measures to reduce pressure on the environment,
  • comply with all applicable environmental laws and normative legal documents,
  • constantly advance all employees’ knowledge about the environment and pursue its application in everyday activities,
  • sparingly and rationally use natural resources and energy,
  • implement the environmental objectives and allocate necessary resources,
  • minimize the environmental impact of activities.

Objectives and principles of the occupational safety and health policy:

  • maintain and continually improve the occupational safety and health system at the company, in line with the LST 1977 (BS OHSAS 18001) standard,
  • identify hazards in all workplaces,
  • continually reduce risk and prevent work-related injuries, ill health, diseases and incidents,
  • when developing and performing production activities, comply with the Republic of Lithuania’s legislative and regulatory requirements,
  • establish safety and health objectives and allocate the necessary resources for their implementation,
  • deepen all employees’ knowledge relating to safety and seek practical applications of this knowledge in their work,
  • offer employees good working and sanitary conditions in their places of work,
  • when performing construction and installation operations, eliminate or minimize the negative effects and risks associated with occupational safety and health as much as possible.

Objectives and principles of information security: 

  • to monitor and continuously improve the system of information security management to maintain its compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 requirements,
  • to apply information security measures and reduce the level of risk to  information security,
  • to follow all applicable legal and other requirements related to information security,
  • to continuously increase employee awareness of the importance of the system of information security management and encourage the use of the principles of information security in daily operations,
  • to protect the company`s information assets against deliberate or unintentional disclosure, distribution, damage, destruction, falsification or misrepresentation,
  • to implement the information security goals by allocating the necessary resources.

In 2015, in order to provide customers with the highest quality service at the lowest cost in the shortest amount of time, UAB Inti implemented a specialized, advanced, internationally recognized process management methodology based on TOC and LEAN techniques, and standardized and optimized business processes.