Other construction

The reconstruction of a water station No.1, 75 Pulko st. , Alytus
• Renovation of industrial building including Drinking Water Purification plant, second lift PS (capacity 800m3/h) and production - household facilities;
• Demolition of existing Water Tower;
• Reconstruction of Iron removal plant. Capacity – 20 712 m3/d;
• Reconstruction of existing distribution cabinet room SP-60 and existing transformer station(10/6 kV).


The installation of a recreational area in Daugai

While the implementation of this project the following main works were carried out: the installation of 1573 m2 of pedestrian paths using concrete blocks and borders , the installation of a children playground, the construction of  changing cabins on the beach, the installation of a 558m2 basketball court with an asphalt and rubber surface. Also a territory lightening system, 1581 of electricity supply networks and external engineering networks: V1– Ø63 L=36,67 m; F1– Ø160 L=36; F1– Ø250 L=45,19 m were installed; a 10m3/d artesian water well was installed. 


The construction and management works of public spaces in Dainava housing estate

During the implementation of this project the following work was carried out:

  • the installation of 4246 m2 of sidewalk coatings using concrete blocks;
  • the installation of 4318m2 of  new pedestrian and cycling paths using concrete blocks;
  • the reconstruction of a part of an old pedestrian and cycling path lightening system;
  • the installation of a new pedestrian- cycling path lightening system;
  • the installation of 15 additional units of video surveillance cameras;
  • the installation of children playgrounds and basketball playgrounds.


The expansion of wastewater treatment in Kazlų Rūda
The domestic wastewater treatment plant was expanded, the second link of the domestic wastewater treatment with the  technical capacity of    1350 m3/d was built. The main works included: the concrete works of the primary cesspool with the volume of 1793 m3 and the secondary cesspool  with the volume of 655 m3, the installment of a stainless steel buffer tank with the volume of  171 m3, the installment of different technological equipment,  the expansion of an existing laboratory building, the construction of a sludge storage and the arrangement of the territory.

The reconstruction of a main wastewater collector and a pumping station in Neveronys, Kaunas region
During the implementation of this project a collector of the domestic wastewater was renovated. The general length of the track is  336 m. Also two existing wastewater pumping stations  were reconstructed. In the main pumping station  of the Neveronys village the entire technological pipeline, the control system, fixtures and pumps, measurement and control devices  were replaced.   Instead of one pumping station  an absolutely new domestic wastewater pumping station was built.