Environmental policy


When it comes to construction and design works, we endeavour to meet our customers’ expectations using environment-friendly technologies. To minimise environmental pollution, we continuously endeavour to generate less waste from our manufacturing procedures.

Inti UAB assumes liability for the environmental impact of its operations and undertakes:

  • to maintain and upgrade the environmental management system to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO14001;
  • to implement pollution prevention measures minimising environmental effect of the operations;
  • to follow all applicable environmental legal and regulatory requirements;
  • to boost the staff’s environmental knowledge and to put it into everyday activities, to raise the staff’s environmental awareness;
  • to use natural and energy resources sparingly and responsibly;
  • to ensure adequate handling of generated waste;
  • to implement the environmental objectives and to provide necessary resources.

The environmental policy of the Company Inti UAB is a public document available for every party concerned.