Quality safety policy


Inti UAB has developed its quality policy to comply with the expectations and needs of our customers and stakeholders, and to ensure profitability through stable operations of the Company.

For this purpose, Inti UAB endeavours to deliver general and special construction and design services to the quality level, which is in full compliance with our customer expectations by mobilising and targeting the Company’s efforts at substantial improvement of the quality of construction and design works at every level and in every workstation.

The quality policy is implemented in pursuing quality goals and by following the below principles:

  • quality is our top priority in every field of operations;
  • continuous dialogue with customers and suppliers to ensure quality growth;
  • immediate and timely delivery of orders;
  • continuous professional growth of the Company’s staff;
  • ceasing dependence on inspection to achieve quality;
  • flexible and immediate response to the changes of the stakeholder expectations and needs;
  • efficient operation of the quality management system in line with the international standard ISO 9001.

Quality policy of the Company Inti UAB is a public document available for every party concerned.